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Benefits of Composite Doors

Published on 4 May 2021

A front door says a lot about a house, and beautiful composite doors are becoming increasingly popular in the market. With a huge variety of styles and colours to choose form, a composite door is modern, on-trend and visually appealing, whilst also offering the most stringent security features.

As they look great on the inside and outside and constantly perform well for years to come, it’s no surprise that composite doors are proving extremely popular to homeowners and building contracts alike.

Not sure what makes composite doors stand out from the rest? Here are the main benefits of this door style.



The main purpose of a front (or back) door is to provide security to your home, and to stop intruders from gaining entry. Some doors can look impressive, but wouldn’t hold up against an experienced criminal attempting to break in. As standard, most composite doors have state-of-the-art multi-point locking systems in place and are much more robust than many other styles on the market. In addition to the locking system, the door itself is made with reinforced materials that provide high levels of strength.



One of the key benefits of a composite door is the longevity that they offer. In addition to being incredibly low maintenance. Composite doors last for many years and don’t require re-painting or many repairs.

Composite doors do not chip, rot or deteriorate in tough weather conditions making them a worthy long-term investment to your home.

Composite doors are designed to be totally weather resistant. The exterior of doors in the UK need to be able to deal with a wide range of weather conditions, many of which could threaten to age or damage most types of doors. A composite door can withstand storms, icy temperatures, weat weather and UV rays so you won’t need to replace it every few years due to damage.

The lifespan of a composite door should reach 30 years and all composite doors suppled by Optic come with a 10 year guarantee.



Composite doors come in a range of different colours and styles, allowing you to fully customise your door to your own specification and design, in-keeping with the rest of your home.

They can look modern or traditional, let in lots of light or no light at all, one thing you can be sure with composite doors is that theuy will add a striking appearance to the front of your home.

In addition to the style of the door itself, you can also customise the handles and letter boxes in a range of colours and designs to compliment your door.



Optic Composite Doors provides five simple steps to better doors.

  • Design Visit

Bring your ideas to life with our range of quality doors, designed to suit every style and home.

  • Measuring

To ensure a perfect fit, a fitting expert will take detailed measurements

  • Price

Because we’ve accurately measured and understood your design ideas, we give you an exact price for your new door with no hidden costs or last-minute surprises

  • Manufacture

Durability and security come as standard with all our doors which are built to spec and designed to last right here in the UK. We also manufacture our own doors in-house at our head office, giving our customers an industry leading 21-day turnaround from order to fitting.

  • Fitting

You can be sure of a stress-free fitting day, as our expert professional team will work quickly and considerately


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