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6 benefits of uPVC windows

Published on 20 December 2020

When it comes to upgrading your home, you need to be confident you are making the right decision. Here are 6 benefits which you get as standard when you upgrade to uPVC windows.


1. Weather resilient
uPVC windows are completely weatherproof. This means they won’t warp or need to be repainted due to the weather. uPVC windows won’t rot and are resistant to corrosion. With an average lifespan of around 35 years, you can be confident your uPVC window can weather any storm.


2. Low-maintenance
When you upgrade your home, you want to have all the style with no laborious up-keep. uPVC windows require virtually no maintenance. You won’t need to repaint them, and they can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Our windows come with a 10-year guarantee so once you’ve upgraded, you don’t need to think about them for a decade.


3. Fantastic value
As uPVC windows are strong, durable and weatherproof, you’ll get a stylish upgrade for your home as well as a great value product. As you won’t have any maintenance costs, uPVC windows are a great investment and a cost-effective solution to enhance your home for up to 35 years!


4. Contemporary style and endless customisation
Gone are the days of plain white window frames. You can fully customise your windows to fit your own personality and style. With a choice of colours, finishes and styles, your windows can be as unique as you, and there’s little chance of ending up with the same style and colour as your neighbour.


5. Noise and energy efficient
Want to keep the noise out and the heat in? uPVC windows can do both. A double-glazed uPVC window can reduce noise by up to 70%. As well as noise cancelling, uPVC windows are non-conductive so unlike metal frames, they’ll keep the heat in your home – helping to keep your energy bills down.


6. Enhanced security
As standard, uPVC windows lock at multiple points around the frame. A multi-point lock system can increase the security of your home, and may also reduce your home insurance. Giving you peace of mind, you are safe in your home.


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